Kidding Schedule 2023

We are a performance herd. DHIR testing and Linear Appraisal. Home to 

SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M and Noall’s Ark Caprice Des Dieux who earned Elite status this year as a first freshener, 98th percentile!

Redstone SF Sunseeker *B (ETA21: 45, ETA12: 36) was chosen by ADGA for the Young Herd Sire Development Program. If your herd is on DHIR, please inquire about a discount to DHIR homes for doelings sired by Sunseeker.

2020 Whole Herd Adult Testing

Negative for CAE, CL, and Johnnes!!

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Bred/Due Dates




Redstone RB Moneypenny

Bridgeport Farms DC Wednesday

Bred: 11/5/2022

Due: 3/30/23

Kidded: 4/3/23

Sales Terms and Conditions: 

Bridgeport Farms has the right to retain any kid.  We’ll try to anticipate and note on the schedule our choices, but occasionally, there comes an exceptional kid that we won’t be able to resist. 

To put your name on our list, please contact us via email or phone (970-216-8231) with your choice.  We’ll put you on a list in the order in which you contacted us.  Specify what you want from whom, note if you just have to have a blue eyed beauty.  Also, how do you want to be contacted?

Once the kids are on the ground and we’ve decided who we’re going to retain (2-4 weeks after kidding), we’ll start at the top of the list.  You’ll have 7 days to get back to us with a $100, non-refundable deposit in order to reserve the kid.  If we haven’t heard from you or received payment after 7 days, we’ll advance to the next in line, etc.  Kids should be picked up at 8 weeks old.  After 8 weeks, we’ll need to charge a $2/day boarding fee. 

Check, money order, or paypal (with 4% service fee) accepted.

The $100 deposit is non-refundable with one exception.  If something happens to the animal while in our possession that prevents the sale, we will refund the deposit. 

We do not offer refunds, but if you must cancel a reservation, you may transfer the deposit to another animal. 

Once an animal leaves our property, we take no responsibility for the health/welfare of the animal if something should happen in transport or once a kid is settled within a new herd.


Pen Bred: 7/29/22 - 8/31/22, In heat 10/27?

Due: 3/9/23?

Buck Breakout!

Bred: 9/20/22?

Due: 2/12/23?

Kidded: 2/12/23 Triplets, 2 bucks & 1 doe (DNA pending

Bred: 11/3/22

Due: 3/28/23

Kidded 3/1/23

Dew Drop deceased 3/1/23

Doeling: retained

Pen Bred: 7/29/22 - 8/31/22, Witnessed 8/29/22

Confirmed bred: 10/9/22

Due: 1/21/23? (for witnessed date)

Kidded: 2/11/23

DNA to determine sire

Pen Bred: 7/29/22 - 9/22/22, in heat 9/17 ish/22

Penned with Quill on 9/24/22-10/7/22

Due: 2/9/23 ish? Sooner?

Kidded: 2/13/23, Triplets, 2 does, 1 buck (DNA pending)

Pen Bred:

Kidded: 3/18/23, single buck, deceased (still in sac when found)



Testing if doelings

Buck Breakout!

Bred: 9/20/22

Due: 2/12/23

Kidded: 2/13/23 Triplets, 2 does and 1 buck



Testing if doelings

Buck Breakout!

Bred: 9/20/22

Due: 2/12/23

Kidded: 2/11/22 Triplets, 2 does & 1 buck

Pen Bred: 10/9/22 - 11/11/22, Witnessed: 10/17?

Due: 3/11/22?

Bridgeport Farms BFR Minerva

Bred: 8/6/22, witnessed x 1 8/7/22: Escape into buck pen

Due: 12/29/2022

Kidded: 12/31/2022 Triplets, 1 buck & 2 does



Testing if doelings

Buck Breakout!

Bred: 8/7/22

Due: 12/30/22

Kidded: 12/31/2022

Twins: buck & doe

Bred: 8/7/22: Buck Breakout!

8/14/22: bred to Rocky

8/15/22: exposed to Sun Ra & Quill

Rocky: 1/6/23

DNA Testing Confirmed Rocky

Kidded: 1/9/2023 Buck & Doe

(Rocky or Quill likely)

Bridgeport Farms RS Mystique

Bridgeport Farms RS Rose

buck: available



No bucks

Bred by Sun Ra

DNA confirmed Sun Ra

Due: 1/7/23

Kidded: 1/5/23 twin does

Redstone IMAX Idyllwild

Pen Bred: 10/9/22-11/11/22

Due: ?

Kidded: 12/31/2022

Triplets: buck and 2 does

DNA testing --Crow??

Pen Bred: 10/9/22-11/11/22

Discharge & in heat: 10/1922

Due: 3/3/23-4/5/23,

3/13/23 for observed heat

Kidded: 3/17, triplet bucks,

Buckling above retained

Crow, confirmed by DNA

Doeling above sold

Ghost, confirmed by DNA

Doeling above retained

Ghost, confirmed by DNA

Doe: one available (TBD)

Doe: one retained (TBD)

Buck: retained

Doe: one available

Buck: available as wether

Buckling: sold

Doeling: sold



Testing if doelings

Doe: sold

Doe: retained

Buck: wether

Buckling: available as wether


Two doelings, Crow confirmed by DNA

Doe: available

Doe: retained

Doeling above available

Penned w Sun Ra: 11/7/22 - 11/29/22

Heat Signs: 11/13/2022

Due: 4/7/23?

Kidded: 4/8/23, twin does

Doeling retained

Doeling, Seeker confirmed by DNA

Doeling, Sun Ra confirmed by DNA


Doeling, retained

Buck (wether)

Doeling, above

Sire: Quill confirmed by DNA

Doeling, retained

Doeling, retained

Pepper was a house doeling for a time

Doeling Available

Doeling: Retained

Buckling: Sold

Doeling: retained

Doeling: available

Bridgeport Farms RS Ghost

Doeling, above

Sire: Sun Ra confirmed by DNA