Does 3

Bridgeport Farms BFA Tigerlily 4*M

Dam: SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M, Elite 2023 90th Percentile

Dam’s Dam: Bridgeport Farms Priscilla 2*M

Dam’s Sire: Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire: Bridgeport Farms RR Atilla

Sire’s Dam: Noall’s Ark ES Soureliette 6*M AR 2018

Sire’s Sire: Redstone SLV Rogue

Black & Brown Buckskin w white flashy

April 16, 2020


2021: Twins, buck and doe

2022: Quads: 3 does and a buck

2023: Triplets: buck and 2 does

I’m really pleased with this doe!! Her dam, Jane, is a milk machine! I was hoping for larger teats on Lily and I’m happy to report they are improved. She has a wide rump, nicely round udder and escutcheon with good attachments. 

Lily has a lovely temperament too.

All animals are ADGA registered, pure bred

Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Updated: 12/14/22

We are a performance herd. DHIR testing and Linear Appraisal. Home to 

SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M and Noall’s Ark Caprice Des Dieux who earned Elite status this year as a first freshener, 98th percentile!

2020 Whole Herd Adult Testing

Negative for CAE, CL, and Johnnes!!

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Lily, 1 yr old, first freshener, 12 hour fill for Test #2,     45 days in milk

Bridgeport Farms DC Tiffany 7*M

Dam: GCH (pending) Noall’s Ark Caprice Des Dieux 6*M, Elite Doe 2021, 2022, 2023, 98 percentile  VEEE 91

Dam’s Dam: SGCH Redstone C Mimolette 5*M

Dam’s Sire: CH Noall’s Ark ES D’Ambert *B

Sire: Dill’s Rod Sam Crow *B

Sire’s Dam: SGCH Dill’s BF Glamour 4*M AR 2013

Sire’s Sire: Dill’s FW Ride or Die *B

Buckskin w extensive white and moon spots

July 17,2020


2022: single

2023: single

2023: 03-01 VEEE 90

We’re very excited to watch Tiffany as she matures. Her udder comes with standard size teats and a well defined medical. Her dam, Caprice, had an exceptional first freshener 305 day record, 305 DIM, 1060 lbs, 74 BF, 45 Protein. Caprice’s 2nd lactation topped 1600 lbs as a 2nd freshener. Tiffany will come close to a 1000 lb lactation as a second freshener. Not bad for having singles her first 2 freshenings. She appraised VEEE 90 this year too!!

DHIR Records

2021: 305 DIM, 780 milk, 55 BF , 36 Protein

Tiffany, 1 yr old,

first freshener

Redstone Joyride Jaylah

For Sale $500

Dam: Redstone Imax Mitaka (5*M pending)

Dam’s Dam: SG Redstone Dark Star 4*M AR 2014, LA VEEE 92

Dam’s Sire: La Petite Fleur IMAX

Sire: Redstone Joyride

Sire’s Dam: Redstone DHRV Rayna James

Sire’s Sire: Redstone C Starship Trooper

December 23, 2020


2022: twins

2023: triplets


I loved Jaylah from the first. She takes after her dam Mitaka in so many ways. She has the loveliest rump, level side to side and wide, so wide!! You can see how that carries through in the lovely U shaped rear udder. Her second fresh udder is socked on tightly with good attachments (both front and rear) and large teats. Her production (not at all impressive as a first freshener) places her squarely in the keeper list. Just what I could hope for!

Redstone RB Moneypenny 7*M

Dam: Redstone Imax Idyll 6*M

Dam’s Dam: Redstone SF Imogene 5*M AR 2016

Dam’s Sire: La Petite Fleur IMAX

Sire: Redstone Joyride Bellator

Sire’s Dam: Redstone Pony Bellatrix

Sire’s Sire: Redstone Joyride

June 16, 2020


2022: Twins

2023: Triplets

I just love this doe!! She came packaged in her dam and arrived in the same way she has lived--sweet and friendly. Money has a long and elegant body. She recently strutted her stuff at a show and she demands attention. She’ll easily obtain her star this year. She has great attachments, both fore are rear. I’m looking forward to seeing her mature.

Money’s second fresh udder is a dream. Teats are large and express well. Front attachment is so smooth and blends wonderfully. She had a great first test at 5.7 lbs!

Magic Apple Mr Sauce

Dam: Magic Apple M Kanzi

Dam’s Dam: SG Magic Apple KCP D’Arcy Spice

Dam’s Sire: Buttin’Heads Mo’Money

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Mister Right

Sire’s Dam: Old Mountain Farm Skinny Chic

Sire’s Sire: Old Mountain Farm All Over It

March 3, 2021


2022: Single

2023: Triplets

2023: LA 02-05: GEVV 86

Saucy came to us from my dear friend Cara, owner of Magic Apple Farm. Her dam was very special and I was so pleased to add Saucy to our milking line up. She kidded with a single doe in 2022. Her udder is soft and milks well. It also sits high with good attachments.

Lily, 2nd fresh

Money Penny first fresh udder at 5 months fresh


Sire’s Dam: SGCH Dill’s BF Glamour 4*M

Photos courtesy of Dill’s A Little Goat Farm

Above and right

Dam: Caprice at the Cache Valley Goat Show on June 4, 2022 where she won 2 legs for her championship.

Money Penny 2nd fresh 22 DIM

12 hour fill


Jaylah, 2nd fresh

12 hour fill


Saucy: 2nd fresh

Is that a moonspot??

Tiffany, 2 yr old,

second freshener


Dam: Mitaka, 2nd fresh


Grand Dam:

SG Redstone Dark Star 4*M LA VEEE 92

Courtesy of Alexis and Redstone Dairy Goats


Grand Dam:

SG Redstone Dark Star 4*M LA VEEE 92

Courtesy of Alexis and Redstone Dairy Goats


Saucy 2nd fresh


Saucy 1st fresh