Bridgeport Farms Barbarella 3*M

Dam: Bridgeport Farms Priscilla

Dam’s Dam:  Kannah Creek RM Arco Iris 1* M

Dam’s Sire:  Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Sire: Bridgeport Farms BFF Maximus

Sire’s Dam:  Bridgeport Farms KCY LeeLoo 1*M

Sire’s Sire: Bridgeport Farms LVD Finn

February 19, 2017


LA 2018: VVV+ 86

2018: triplets

LA 2019: VVVV 85

2019: twins

2020: quads

2021: quads

Barbarella is continuing to mature nicely. I love her topline and her rump, which is wide, and level from side to side. She is on the small side and very dairy. She puts her energy into the milk pail. She’s a great mom too. She’s sweet, easy to milk, and she popped out four kids this year with no fuss. The video of one or her kids being born can be seen at:


Barbarella, above as a 2 year old 2nd freshener at her 2019 Linear Appraisal

Bridgeport BFM Sorcha (2*M pend)

Dam: Bridgeport Farms LVS Cindy Lou *M

Dam’s Dam: Bridgeport Farms KCY Uhura

Dam’s Sire: Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire: Bridgeport Farms BFM Mclane

Sire’s Dam: Bridgeport Farms Priscilla

Sire’s Sire: Bridgeport Farms BFF Maximus

March 11, 2018


2020: quads

2021: twins

Sorcha was a two year old first freshener in 2020. She is our first retained daughter of Cindy Lou, a herd favorite. Sorcha was bred to Atilla and she has freshened nicely with quads and she has my favorite udder to milk. The skin is so soft and the texture is a joy. Her orifices express milk like a dream and the teat size is really nice. Her medial is well defined--something we’ve been trying to improve. Sorcha milked 3.5 lbs on her first test at 14 days, Fat: 6.3%, Protein: 3.6%. She has unfortunately been caught self nursing. She’s only been taped for a couple of tests. So, next year, her performance in DHIR should improve greatly. She has still done well and will easily earn her star this year. I just love this doe!

Sorcha, 2019

Sorcha, 2nd fresh, first milk test, 3 year old, 12 hour fill

Barbarella, right as a 3 year old 3rd freshener, 1 month fresh. She milked 2.1 lb on her first test this year. 

Noall’s Ark Caprice Des Dieux, Elite 2020, 98 percentile (6*M pend)

Dam: SGCH Redstone C Mimolette 5*M

Dam’s Dam: Redstone SF Dark Star 4*M

Dam’s Sire: Poppy Patch FV Caliente

Sire: SGCH Noall’s Ark ES D’Ambert *B

Sire’s Dam: SG Dragonfly CP Tumacacori 3*M

Sire’s Sire: Dragonfly ARG Eagle Scout

Black & Brown buckskin w white belly band

April 28, 2019


2020: Twins

2022: Triplets

2020: Elite Doe 98 Percentile

2021: Elite Doe 98 Percentile

2022: Elite Doe 99 Percentile

2022: VEEE 90 at 3 years old, 2nd fresh

2022: Caprice won 2 legs toward her Grand Champion Award

Caprice is pretty amazing as a first freshener. She was recognized on the Elite list for 2020 in the 98th percentile!! Her udder is lovely. Teats are well placed, are long and express easily. Udder is capacious and soft--the kind of udder you only dream about, milking down to nothing. Escutcheon is wide and roomy. Overall, a nice top-line, rump and general appearance. For her first milk test, she gave 4.2 lbs!! Nice job Caprice. She has continued to impress during her first lactation on DHIR. Her production dropped during the winter and then increased. Her last test day, at 354 DIM, was 4 lbs! ETA21: 142, ETA12: 111. I’m anticipating she will easily earn her Superior Genetics award once she has her linear appraisal score. See below for impressive 2nd fresh numbers!!

Caprice Udder July 2020     1st freshener, 12 hour fill for first milk test of the year

SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M

Dam: Bridgeport Farms Priscilla

Dam’s Dam: Kannah Creek RM Arco Iris 1* M

Dam’s Sire:  Kannah Creek FWM Yuma

Sire:  Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire’s Dam: AGS Lost Valley Treasure 2*M

Sire’s Sire: Lost Valley KW Daxus

January 21, 2018


2019: Twins

2020: triplets

2021: Twins

LA 2019: VVV+ 84

Jane just earned her SG award as a first freshener!! Jane was a lovely surprise as she freshened for the first time this past year. Being a Sea Do daughter, I’m learning to expect a lot. And, this doe sure lived up to the standard. On her first test day on DHI in 2019, at only 16 days fresh, she milked 4.5 lbs! See below for first 2020 test. Although on the small side and young, she sure is filling the bucket.  Udder is soft, elastic, with smooth fore udder attachments and teats, while still small, express easily. She kidded this year with triplets and no assistance.

Jane, above, as a 1 year old 1st freshener at her 2019 Linear Appraisal

Jane, above and left, as a 4 year old 4th freshener

Redstone Imax Mitaka

Dam: SG Redstone Dark Star 4*M AR 2014, LA VEEE 92

Dam’s Dam: SG DesertNanny BR Estrella 3*M AR 2013, LA VEEV 89

Dam’s Sire: SG Piddlin Acres BBT Sunfire +*B AR 2016

Sire: La Petite Fleur IMAX

Sire’s Dam: Dragonfly SOL Isabella

Sire’s Sire: Flat Rock’s Max a Million

August 9, 2019


2020: Triplets

It has long been a dream of mine to have a daughter of SG Redstone Dark Star 4*M AR 2014, LA VEEE 92 join my herd. Somehow, I have had the fortune of bringing home this lovely doe! Mitaka easily kidded with 2 does and a buck just before Christmas on December 23, 2020. She is currently dam raising her kids and will be on the stand for her first milk test very soon. Her udder is soft, expresses easily and is feeding 3 kids. To top it off, she’s sweet and easy to handle.

Redstone Imax Idyllwild

Dam: Redstone SF Imogene 5*M AR 2016

Dam’s Dam: Ironwoodranch TH Ignacia 4*M AR 2016

Dam’s Sire: SG Piddlin Acres BBT Sunfire +*B AR 2016

Sire: La Petite Fleur IMAX

Sire’s Dam: Dragonfly SOL Isabella

Sire’s Sire: Flat Rock’s Max a Million

June 4, 2019


2020: Twins

2021: Triplets

Idyll came to us earlier in the year and are so glad to have her. She kidded in June with a lovely doe and buck. Her udder, although on the smaller side is productive and shows promise. She has a lovely, feminine look and she is sweet and friendly too.

Mitaka, just before kidding two does and a buck, 12/23/20

Idyll, at 3 weeks fresh, first freshening, 7/4/20

Bridgeport Farms RR Fiona

Dam: SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M

Dam’s Dam: Bridgeport Farms Priscilla

Dam’s Sire: Lost Valley Dax Sea Doo *B

Sire: Redstone SLV Rogue

Sire’s Dam: SG Redstone SF Shadow 4*M AR, LA 90, VEEE

Sire’s Sire: Flat Rock’s HP Silvio


May 25, 2019


2020: Single

2021: Twins

Fiona was a first freshener in 2020, kidding at just under one year old. She had a single buckling. Her udder was small at the beginning of her milk test but has developed over the course of her first lactation. The texture and consistency of her udder is so similar to her dam, Jane’s udder with better teat size. Jane received her Superior Genetics award for her first lactation! I’m expecting her second lactation to rival her dam’s and you can see the similarity in the photo below.  Stay tuned. Fiona will hopefully kid in early May 2021

Fiona second fresh udder, 60 DIM, 2021

Jane, left with second fresh udder and Fiona with first fresh udder, late 2020

Second Milk Test,

12 hour fill

February 7, 2021

All animals are ADGA registered, pure bred

Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Updated: 1/18/20

We are a performance herd. DHIR testing and Linear Appraisal. Home to 

SG Bridgeport Farms LVD Jane 3*M and Noall’s Ark Caprice Des Dieux who earned Elite status this year as a first freshener, 98th percentile!

2020 Whole Herd Adult Testing

Negative for CAE, CL, and Johnnes!!

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Idyll, 2nd Fresh, 2021

Fiona 2nd fresh udder, 2021

12 hour fill for 1st milk test

DHIR Records

2021: 305 DIM, 1060 milk, 74 BF, 45 Protein

2021 Extended: 369 DIM, 1321 milk, 91 BF, 55 Protein

2022: 186 DIM, 1140 milk, 66 BF, 44 Protein

Caprice Udder July 2021     One Year Fresh!!


DHIR Records for first freshening

2020 (in process): 210 DIM, 586 milk, 37 BF, 22 Protein

DHIR Records

2020: 305 DIM, 509 milk, 38 BF, 23 Protein

2021 (in process): 28 DIM, 118 milk, 7 BF, 5 Protein

DHIR Records

2020: 305 DIM, 570 milk, 40 BF, 26 Protein

2021 (in process): 70 DIM, 309 milk, 19 BF, 12 Protein

DHIR Records

2019: 266 DIM, 730 milk, 48 BF , 33 Protein

2020: 305 DIM, 1060 milk, 73 BF , 47 Protein

2021: 288 DIM, 1051 milk, 73 BF, 46 Protein

2022: 98 DIM, 451 milk, 29 BF, 20 Protein

Per CDCB, production evaluation showing 99 Percentile!!

Caprice Udder February 2022     2nd fresh udder: At 34 DIM, 7.2 lbs, 4.3% BF, 3.7% Pro

See the table to the right for Caprice’s 2022 record

Caprice Udder March 2022, 2nd fresh udder: 3rd test: 7.5 lbs!!

Caprice at the Cache Valley Goat Show on June 4, 2022 where she won 2 legs for her championship.